I know it seems barely spring but we must keep in mind seeds for fall veggies.  It doesn’t hurt to purchase and store your fall seeds.  They seem to sell out quickly.  We still have a decent selection of seeds from our three suppliers.  Sweet Rock Farm seeds are produced on Gabriola and are restocked regularly.  We also have the familiar West Coast Seeds and Aimer Organic.

The soil should be warm enough for bush, pole and soy beans to be seeded by mid May.  They will not germinate if planted in soil that is not warm enough, that is 10 plus degrees.  As with a lot of your other crops, it is nice to seed a smaller amount every two weeks or so.

Of course you can continue to seed radish, lettuce and spinach etc as long as the temperatures allow.  These are cool weather crops that will bolt in the heat.  Our long coolish spring is giving us a good long run for these vegetables.  I have a couple raised beds in part shade that allow me to still have lettuce, spinach and radish after the full sun beds are busy growing squash, beets, beans.   Many other crops can continue to be seeded though.  For a complete list refer to the West Coast Seeds Planting Chart for Coastal BC.  It is on their website or we have copies at the Nursery.