Soil Testing

Our Organic Soil Amendment speaker Mr Sayed suggested that we have our soil tested. Many of you have expressed interest in the Mehlich 3 extraction test. This is the test suggested in the book ‘The Intelligent Gardener’.

After some research the soil testing lab located closest to us is listed below. I have been in touch with Wendy at this lab.

M.B. Laboratories Ltd.
2062 W Henry Ave
Sidney, BC V8L 5Y1

Phone 250-656-1334
Fax 250-656-0443

The most efficient way is to contact the lab directly. They will email you three documents. An instruction document, A Chain of Custody document, and Price list.

One important item to note is that you have to specify the Mehlich 3 extraction test. This is not noted on the list of tests. A quote from Wendy. “The extract is at the beginning of the analysis and will define what is seen in the test. The actual test part is the same regardless of what extraction method was used to get there. Our normal default method is a modified Kelowna extract.”