February 12, 2016

Time:  10:30 a.m.

February 12, 2016.  Time:  10:30 a.m.
We will have someone directing you to parking.  Please carpool if you can. 
a cup or mug and a folding chair.  There will be a limited number of chairs here if you do not have a folding chair available.
Warm.  I will be sure we are dry but we will not be heated.

Wheelbarrel is proud to present this seminar. The speaker is Yasir Sayed of BioFert.   He is a most knowledgeable and interesting speaker with a passion for organic farming and has graciously agreed to come and speak to us on the subject and answer questions.  You cannot help but come away with a lot of really good information.  This event will be of interest to everyone from those of us with small vegetable gardens to larger market gardens.

Mr. Sayed is a principal in Biofert located in Chilliwack. We (Wheelbarrel) have used and sold these products for the past 3 or 4 years and highly recommend them, noticing a difference in our bare root perennials, our own vegetable seeds and our personal gardens.

Following information is copied directly from the Biofert website.

Yasir Syed

Yasir SyedYasir Syed obtained his business degree from University of Oklahoma, USA in 1992. He has been deeply involved with the concept of organic farming since his very young days. His family farm ran strictly on Earth Friendly concepts and he was very active in the day to day management and operations of the business. After completing his graduation in business from USA, he spearheaded the marketing and sales activities with a leading global fertilizer manufacturer for 9 years, in addition to managing his family farm. His passion for agriculture is his hallmark and is instantly obvious upon meeting him.

There is no charge for attending but please RSVP so we can determine the size of the facility required.