• Annuals.  Impatiens are in and the Lantana that many are waiting for will be here today Wednesday.  We are still restocking annuals every week so our greenhouses look amazing.   We have lots of variety for hanging baskets, patio pots and rounding out garden beds however, the suppliers stocks are running low on certain items as is usual this time of year.
  • Hanging Baskets.  Ready for Mother’s Day, our own Wheelbarrel Nursery baskets designed by Jennifer, looking lovely and fresh.
  • Veggie Starts.  New this week, Peppers.  Other starts still available, lettuce, peas, cabbage, broccoli, kale, swiss chard, spinach, etc.
  • Squash.  We have a few of our own squash and cucumber starts ready with the balance ready the week of May 11.  That is next week already!  I truly hope Mother Nature co-operates with us for the planting.
  • Tomatoes.  17 varieties, some in gallon pots for.  Look for a complete list later in the newsletter.
  • Water Plants.  Will be in Friday May 8th. There will be a nice selection of Water Lilies as well as an enticing selection of Marginals, Oxygenators and Floaters.  The tropicals some have been asking for will be included in this shipment.  Canna, Calla, Colocasia, Red Abyssinian Banana, Dwarf Banana, Pitcher Plant, to name a few of the interesting ones.

Coming soon:

  • Water plants.  I repeat this here for emphasis. These will arrive Friday.
  • Cuke and Squash starts.  Again for emphasis.  A few of our own starts ready now with the balance here early next week.
  • Peppers. Some this week, that is today, more next week.
  • Basil.  Hopefully next week.  This is the most tender plant.  Minimum temperatures must be 10 degrees and that is certainly not now.  These should not go out until June.  They can of course be put in your greenhouse or hardened off so they are ready to be planted out when temperatures allow.

There are so many stunning views at the Nursery right now.  Try to take some time to walk about when you come.  Look for a deep yellow azalea in full bloom against a backdrop of Japanese Maples and a fuschia Rhodo.  Caught me by surprise as it is a view I rarely have being busy in the working part of the property.  The view from the opposite direction is that same rhodo peaking out through a Japanese Maple.  Lovely. The walk south of the greenhouses is really at its peak.

Enough of my raving.  Please feel free to come and tour the nursery and the grounds at any time.  We would love to see you.