What’s new:

  • Plants:  Pansies, Primulas, Ground Covers such as Aubretia, Thymes, Lavenders, Heather, Herbs, a few tough perennials such as Digitalis, Doronicum, Erysimum. And of course Hellebores and Heuchera.
  • Begonia Tubers:  We have a nice selection.  Should be planted as early as you can.
  • Bagged Soil:  All types of potting and container mixes, compost, coir, manures
  • Bulk Soils and Gravels:  Fresh Garden Soil, Bark Mulch, Driveway Chip and Navvy.  Note:  Bulk Fish compost will be in after March 1

Looking Forward To:

  • Seeds.  Should be here by beginning of next week.  Promises were made by both companies yesterday that they are shipping this week. We will also have the Dr. Bonnie Henry pollinator blend.  All proceeds to Food Banks.
  • Spring Bulbs and Small Fruits:  Beginning March 1.  This includes  crocosmia, glads, peonies to start on your own.  Small Fruits and veggies including Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Grapes, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Onions, Potatoes
  • Trees and Shrubs:  Beginning March 15
  • Rhodos:  Beginning March 15
  • Fruit Trees:  Beginning March 5, weather permitting
  • Sweet Peas and first Veggie Starts:  March 15
  • Bulk Fish Compost:  March 1 – 15.
  • Beneficial Insects:  April and May.  Weather dependent

A note on Bulk Soil and Compost
Due to the early interest in bulk soil and compost, we are recommending you place your orders in advance.  For example, if you think you will require your bulk soil or mulch in a week or two, or early March,  order as early as you can to get in the queue.  This well allow us to manage supply with our suppliers and avoid the long waits that occurred last year.  You will not be obliged to take the load one a particular day or at all if plans change.
Please email wheelbarrelnursery@yahoo.ca with your order.  Please include your address and phone number.  Thank you.