About Wheelbarrel Nursery

Celebrating over 30 years for the Nursery – Owned since 2003 by the Black family

In 2003 George and Linda Black purchased the Nursery and property when Ron and Wendy wished to retire.

We, along with our children and grandchildren, have expanded and slightly modernized the nursery while maintaining the gulf island ambiance and charm that attracted us to this location.  We are a family owned business supplying Gabriola Gardeners since 2003.

Our aim was and is to continue building on a tradition of quality well cared for garden plants and supplies, offering all at a fair price.

Sales Area

On our property we offer an outstanding selection of

seeds – West Coast Seed, Aimers Organic
water plants
pond supplies
bagged and bulk soils and gravels.

We offer well qualified and knowledgeable staff to help you make your gardening selections.

Our emphasis is always quality and organic growing methods.

We are currently focusing on drought resistant plant material. We have many display gardens scattered throughout the grounds.

Most fine days from April on there are gardeners and families touring through the grounds and natural and ornamental ponds.